Posted by: Richard Marshall | July 29, 2009


IH Johannesburg

IH Johannesburg

I’m sitting in a horrible internet cafe in Rosebank and think it’s time to write another post.  Last Friday I finally finished my CELTA course. I can’t say it was always a hugely enjoyable experience, but it was interesting enough and the people were very nice. I do seem, however, to have spent a lot of the last four weeks feeling tired and irritated. The students were mostly refugees from the DRC and other wretched places, but they were extremely friendly and easy-going. I’m not sure I would be if I had been through some of the experiences they had. They were mostly pretty well educated, professional people – lawyers, doctors, teachers etc – doing horrible jobs or not working at all because they lacked the right documents. At least the school does go some way to equipping them with English which should make their lives a little easier. The CELTA class were also really nice – we got on amazingly well all things considered! We also managed to have some fun – visiting a funny little coffee place round the corner and even managing a couple of boozy Friday afternoons…So thanks Zarius, Marilyn, Arnell, Ruhann and Ellen – all the best guys! Thanks also to Darren and Susan, our tutors – I wouldn’t have wanted to try teaching without that course.

Now I have to try and find a job – am hanging around in Joburg for a few days sending off as many applications as possible…

The Celta class and some of our students

The CELTA class


  1. hi rich! coolio blog! you didn’t say you were doing one, i had to do sherlock missions! so when is the next installment with details of your new job? It is so exciting for you! and what a cool idea to do a blog, so we can watch you from afar! Put more photos of you!

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